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Documentation for GCS.uno web-based Ground Control Station

GCS.uno is a web-based Ground Control Station for autonomous drones with MAVLink-compatible autopilots.

GCS.uno allows you to control multiple drones over internet.

How the drone's dashboard looks like in a web-app:

Setup options

To communicate with GCS.uno server your drone must have an internet link. This can be done in few ways, depending on what autopilot hardware is used.

Linux-based autopilots with USB 4G modem onboard

Such as Navio 2 hat for Raspberry Pi and Erle Brain 3.

Use Navio2 + Raspberry setup guide for this option.

Autopilot board and separate companion computer with 4G onboard

Any MAVLink-compatible autopilot with any Linux-based onboard companion computer with 4G USB modem. Such as Pixhawk and Odroid.

Setup companion computer.

In the both ways described above the 4G USB modem is used to directly communicate with GCS.uno server.

This is commonly used telemetry link with radio modem, such as RDF900 or SiK telemetry modems. The ground modem communicates with any computer. If computer is connected to internet, it can run GCS.uno script to connect with the server.

Setup linux-based computer.

Connecting desktop and mobile Ground Control Station software

After setting up your drone to communicate with GCS.uno server you can use your favorite desktop or mobile Ground Control Station software to connect to it using GCS.uno as a MAVLink proxy server.

How to connect with QGroundControl and other Control Station software

Pilots' Dashboard

GCS.uno Community Forum

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